The first temporary casino Melco in Cyprus will open in June

The government of Cyprus issued a license to operate a temporary City-Dreams casino facility, which will operate until the largest European casino project City of Dreams Mediterranean is completed.

The first temporary casino Melco in Cyprus will open in June
The gambling center will open on June 28 in Limassol. The temporary casino will be located in the building of the former supermarket with an area of 4600 square meters. m. The playing space with 33 gaming tables and 242 gaming machines will occupy an area of 1300 sq. m. m. The casino will also have a VIP-zone, a restaurant and two bars.

Under the terms of the license, Melco has the right to manage a temporary casino and three small halls with slot machines, while the main resort is under construction. City of Dreams Mediterranean will be the largest gambling center in Europe. The competition on the scale it will be the project Hard Rock International, which will open in a few years in Spain. HRI and Melco were originally partners for both projects, but ultimately decided to implement them separately.

The first phase of the construction of City of Dreams began the other day and is scheduled to be completed by 2021. According to the head of Melco Lawrence Ho, the company has already hired 500 employees, of which 75% are local residents. About 4,000 people will be employed in the construction process, and 2,500 will get a permanent job after the resort opens.

Recall, the testing of gambling equipment in Cyprus will deal with the company Gaming Laboratories International (GLI)

In Singapore for the first time convicted of illegal gambling operations

Strengthening regulation of gambling operators showed the first results – in Singapore for illegal gambling and mediation for the first time convicted person.

In Singapore for the first time convicted of illegal gambling operations
Singapore media reports that Or Poh Sung pleaded guilty to acting as an agent for unlicensed online gambling operators who took lottery and sports bets through six websites, including

55-year-old Or was one of ten people arrested in 2016 as a result of the first police raid on illegal online operators since the first approved sites were launched. Six of these individuals, including Ora, were charged in November of last year in connection with violations of the OCA rules.

“Alternative” means of earning operators can be a tacit answer to the government for tightening, as a result of which gambling revenues last year were record low.

Or, a former newspaper trader, recruited players to play on illegal gambling sites from 2013, earning 8-10% commission on his players’ bets, plus 5% of any lottery prizes his customers won.

According to prosecutors, only one of the sites on which Or worked, processed a wager of $ 26.6 million over the past six months. As punishment, Oru Poh Sunu faces imprisonment for up to five years, a fine of $ 100,000, or both.

The Dutch authorities are preparing tough measures against illegal operators

In preparation for the World Cup, the Netherlands Gambling Office will pay special attention to online gambling, in particular, the issue of admission of minors to gambling.

The Dutch authorities are preparing tough measures against illegal operators
Members of the administration said that they do not plan to fine the young offenders. The main task of the regulator is to eliminate foreign gambling companies that target Dutch youth.

As part of the campaign, the management created a special hotline, through which people can report on sites that give minors an opportunity to participate in gambling.

“Illegal operators, who allow minors to play gambling, violate two laws at once,” the press secretary of the department said.

Legislative provisions that allow companies to apply for a license to provide online gambling in the Netherlands have already been developed, but they have not yet been voted in parliament for them.

The only legal company in the field of online gambling, which has a license to operate in the Netherlands, today is Toto.

Recall, the crucial matches of ESL Pro League Season 8 will be held in Denmark.

In the US state formed a “gray zone” for illegal gambling

Unrecognized slot machines spread in all stores, at gas stations and on the main streets of Pennsylvania, despite the fact that gambling in the state is allowed only in special gaming zones and mini-casinos.

In the US state formed a “gray zone” for illegal gambling
In fact, such a gaming machine is a machine with gaming lines, that is, a slot machine. The player makes a monetary contribution, certain coincidences bring him a win. However, this device is distinguished by the fact that there are additional tours that are designed for certain skills. Therefore, this slot and was called the game of skills.

The gambling law passed in the state in 2017 contained an expanded definition of gaming machines, which included skills games that some government officials interpreted in their own way, which resulted in such machines appearing in licensed casinos as well.

However, a representative of the Pennsylvania regulatory body, Doug Harbah, said that no casinos had applied for such games. Probably conditional approval for operators, in addition to inaccuracies in the law, became a precedent in the court of 2014, when these gaming machines were not qualified as gambling and thus were exempt from tax.

The distributor of such machines in the US is Pace-O-Matic. According to her reports, none of the cars raised questions from the police since the decision was made in December 2014. Moreover, despite the exemption from taxes on games, the company paid in 2017 only $ 2.3 million to the state.

“We pay taxes for everything we do,” said Jeff McGuinness, director of the company for compliance with government regulations.

He stressed that the company encourages its landlords to control the age of the players, and also refuses to rent more than five cars for one room.

According to critics, the state creates an unregulated situation of the “Wild West”, where market players do not comply with strict state regulation rules. This will also affect the work and income of state-sanctioned games, such as a lottery or small rooms with gaming devices.

Recall, Pennsylvania was one of the first states in America, which legalized the fantasy sport.

The British bank for the first time introduced protective measures for problem players

Starling Bank became the first financial institution to take measures to combat gambling addiction.

The British bank for the first time introduced protective measures for problem players
Today, people with addiction to gambling who want to get rid of it, should contact operators to block their accounts. Starling Bank has introduced a blocker that allows customers with gambling dependency to block transactions in gaming operations.

Clients, of course, will also be able to disable this feature. In this case, they will be notified with the number of the free hotline.

“The gambling blocker of our bank emphasizes how digital banking can respond to the problems of its customers and use technology to develop solutions that will help them live better financial lives,” commented Anne Boden, Starling’s CEO. – It’s not about agitating clients not to gamble. It’s about giving them a simple and effective tool that can help them regain control of their finances. ”

In support of this initiative, the British Institute for Policy on Money and Mental Health called on other banks to also turn to this measure. Some gambling operators also stand up to protect players from dependence.

Despite the fact that according to representatives of Starling Bank, their tool is the first in the industry, last month Monzo also went to a meeting of problem players, giving them the opportunity to block payments through the bank or in person. The Monzo system actually requires that customers who want to turn off the unit call the bank and communicate with the employee. Even then, the restrictions are not removed within 48 hours.

Sweden will assess the impact of the opening of the online market

After a successful vote for the liberalization of the online gambling market, the Swedish authorities decided to study the impact of state monopoly operators Svenska Spel and AB Trav Och Galopp (ATG) on him.

Sweden will assess the impact of the opening of the online market
In particular, the review will consider the question of what financial consequences for sports and racing companies will entail the end of these monopolies. In particular, the government is concerned about the jumps, since ATG provides 87% of their funding, therefore, a new funding mechanism may be required.

More recently, Sweden has adopted a law on gambling, which will finally allow international gambling companies, except for the Swedish companies themselves, to obtain the right to operate on the Internet. The decision to liberalize was formed due to statistics, since it is unlicensed gambling operators that occupy a large share of the online market.

The results of the review will be published no earlier than October 31, 2020. In this regard, market participants fear that the industry will suffer a lot, while the government analyzes the situation.

Recall, the new member of the online market in Sweden was the capital company Cherry AB.

The Riga Administration opposes the development of gambling business

Despite the previously announced cancellation of the ban on the placement of gambling facilities in the center of Riga, the city administration still opposes the development of gambling business in the capital.

The Riga Administration opposes the development of gambling business
At the regular meeting of the deputies of the Riga City Council, where representatives of the gambling sector and the regulator were present, discussed the introduction of new restrictions for gambling.

We are talking about innovations that are prescribed in the new territorial development plan of Riga until 2030. According to this plan, gambling halls will be able to work only in mixed development areas in the city center.

A possible limitation in the future will also be the transfer of gambling halls to four- and five-star hotels. At the last meeting on June 14, the opposition party finally put forward this proposal, but this time it was not considered, since the application was filed incorrectly from a legal point of view.

The meeting was also attended by opposition figures who wanted to raise the issue of closing gambling halls in the center of Riga for discussion. Recall that earlier the administration issued an order to close these facilities, but due to numerous counterclaims to the court was forced to cancel this decision. The discussion of this issue was also denied. However deputies are ready to consider this offer in the future, have informed in the Riga thought.

Let’s remind: the gambling regulator of Latvia has offered to fine operators who start up in a casino of people from lists of self-excluded players.

Italy insists on banning online gambling

The new government of Italy insists on banning the advertising of online bets after Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Mayo issued a so-called decree on dignity.

Italy insists on banning online gambling
As part of this decree, there will be a ban on advertising gambling, said Di Mayo, who is the leader of the largest political party in the coalition government since the general elections in the country in March.

Earlier, representatives of the Italian government said that they intend to impose strict restrictions on the forms of gambling, which will allow you to make bets, as well as a complete ban on sponsorship related to gambling.

The government also seeks to reduce the number of gaming terminals by a third, but Di Mayo, who is also the Minister of Economic Development, Labor and Social Policy, said that the process of imposing restrictions in this industry will begin with advertising.

However, he also noted that he does not want to ban gambling in full.

In April, the Italian regulator Agenzia delle Dogane e dei Monopoli (ADM) received applications for online gambling from 80 operators. Some companies preferred to make separate applications for several licenses, while the fee for each was € 200,000 ($ 250,000).

Bet365, PokerStars, Luckia, Videolots and Lottomatica were among the brands that applied for new licenses, which must be valid until December 31, 2022.

Recall: despite the significant reduction in the number of teenagers gambling in 2017, the new bill on gambling is in many ways aimed at preventing child addiction.

Macau casino employees will be banned from playing

In connection with the growing number of problem players in Macau, the local gambling regulator introduced new rules aimed at fighting gambling.

Macau casino employees will be banned from playing
Following the suppression of illegal currency exchange in casinos, the city government proposes to introduce rules prohibiting employees of gambling establishments residing in Macau to stay in the casino after hours. Under the ban will not get employees of cafes and restaurants, cleaners and security, according to a press release of the city executive committee.

According to analysts, a very small number of casino employees play outside of working hours. Moreover, some operators have already introduced a ban on gambling for employees. Penalty for violation of this rule will be set at a minimum of 1 thousand patacas ($ 125) and a maximum of 10 thousand patacas ($ 1,250).

Civil servants of the city are not allowed to visit the casino. The exception is a short period during the celebration of the Chinese New Year. By the same principle will be allowed to visit casinos and employees of gambling centers – three days a year, during the Chinese New Year.

The bill will also simplify the procedure for considering violations of age restrictions. In the government’s view, since most of the violators were tourists, simplifying the procedure would allow for more efficient processing of information and reduce the costs involved.

So, the legislators propose to allow inspectors of the regulator, if they find players who have not reached the age of 21, immediately expel them from the institution and impose a fine of 1,000 patacas.

According to the rules of 2012, introduced by the gambling regulator of Macao, any person under the age of 21 years who resides, plays or works in a casino is liable to a fine of 1 thousand to 10 thousand patacas. The operator faces a fine of 10 thousand to 500 thousand patacas.

The next step will be to consider the bill by the members of the Macau Legislative Assembly.

Recall: the authorities of Macau introduced a ban on smoking in the casino in places not intended for this.

Kuban gambling business fulfilled the annual tax plan by 70%

As of June 1, 2018, the gambling business of Krasnodar Region coped with its annual financial task by more than 70%. The positive trend continues from last year.

Kuban gambling business fulfilled the annual tax plan by 70%
According to the Report of the consolidated budget of the Krasnodar Territory on June 1, 2018, posted on the website of the Ministry of Finance of the region, for the year 422,167,000 million rubles were pledged to the budget. in the form of tax revenues from gambling. Of these, for 5 months from the beginning of the year, 255,569,823 million rubles have already been executed, which is more than 70% of the annual plan.

Only in May the gambling business transferred about 60 million rubles to the regional budget. At the same time, the media reported, the increase in indicators is observed in general compared to the same period last year. Then the treasury of the region received 212 million rubles. In May, the number of visitors to the existing gambling zones in the region increased.

Recall: one of the gambling zones, located in the Krasnodar Territory – Azov City – will be liquidated before the beginning of 2019.