Top 10 Slots Player Misconceptions

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#1. Stopping the reels during spinning affects the result.

It does not affect the result in any way. When you press the spin button, the result is already known to the casino; it is made just for the impatient.

#2. Playing a demo is different from playing online free slots keep your winnings real money.

It is no different, and it is checked by regulatory organizations.

#3. When a new slot comes out, or new slot sites appear, they are more generous, because the manufacturer or the casino increases the return.

No, a huge number of players play the new slots and at new slot sites; therefore the payouts can be higher.

#4. A casino can influence the returns

In a licensed casino, it is not possible since the deutsches online casino bonus ohne einzahlung does not have access to slots at all, only the manufacturer has access to them. In an unlicensed casino, you can have anything during your game, so it’s highly not recommended to play in such casinos.

#5. With a new account, slots give better than for the old one for luring

This is not possible in the licensed casino (see point 4), and if you won on the first deposit, then this is just a coincidence.

#6. This casino does not allow you to win

There is no difference in which casino you play if it is licensed. The casino does not have access to the slot settings.

#7. There is a pool and, accordingly, the rate affects the winnings.

There is no pool in the slots, and there were cases that the casino went into the minus with a big player gain, all this is a random number generator, full randomness.

H4:#8. Restarting the slot will improve the payout

Often they write to restart the slot, but it almost never helps, and in rare cases when it starts to give, it’s just a coincidence, before that you lost and it’s quite logical that the slot gave up.

#9. Something depends on the choice in the bonus.

Nothing depends if the slot wants to choose it chooses, but it shows you only a picture of what it supposedly was, for example, there was 1, and there was 2. In fact, there is nothing there, take for example the slot from NetEnt Blood Suckers and when you get the bonus to choose coffins, just always choose the first one and you will see that it is never empty and you can also choose any coffin and it will not be empty; if it were random, it would not be possible. And so everywhere in any manufacturer, it is made just for the interest of choice, so do not scold yourself if you choose not what you want. The only thing to do is not to confuse the choice in the bonus itself and what bonus to choose.

#10. If you lose a lot, the slot must give up.

If you lose a lot, this does not mean that the slot should give up. First, in parallel with you, a lot of members are playing, and you may not be lucky enough, and they can win. Secondly, if you play a dispersion slot, it can eat for a very long time.

In the licensed slots, everything is really full random; otherwise, if this were not the case, then it would have been understood and used long ago. But do not forget that slots are entertainment and at a distance, we lose 3-5% of the bets made.

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